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how do i set up skype on my chromebook?

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Casual Tourist

Hi! I recently received a Samsung Chromebook for Christmas, and can't seem to find out how to set up Skype on it. Any guidance you can give me?

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Novel Tourist
Unfortunately you cannot yet get Skype on chromebook, but it is being developed, I myself am in this situation. You could try using IMO it's not perfect but......
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Yeah I can't quite believe that between google and skype they haven't been able to sort anything out yet. I bought a notebook as a stop gap and stupidly didn't check if skype works. I asked the guy in the store he knew everything but not that which seemed strange because to my mind a notebook is only good for browsing and skype. I bought it anyway because I didn't ever imagine such a web savvy company as google would misfire so badly as to make it's own netbook 50% pointless. I know it's more complicated than that, but really google should be all over this. As a stop gap I would have been better off buying another notebook device, at least I would have been able to use it.
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Novel Adventurer

Any news no this? 

Surely enough people are accidentally buying the chromebook(like myself) that skype would want to get their business? 

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Casual Adventurer
imo messenger from the Chrome Webstore has built in Skype functionality. It's not prefect but until Microsoft get around to developing an HTML5 version of Skype it's the best available.
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Novel Adventurer
Google Talk works great as an alternative. How about Viber on the Chrome book?
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Novel Adventurer

Now, with the WebRTC spec in HTML 5, it should not be complex to create a Skype like app in full HTML , no ?

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Casual Tourist
imo no longer supports Skype. I was using that too until a few days ago.
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here we are with microsoft eee. imo no longer supporting skype. google is still seen like a big evil by microsoft, so dont expect skype on imo anymore. i bet microsoft is trying to get skype no longer working on apple and linux boxes. it is time of a better alternative to skype.
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Novel Adventurer

Once again, look here for WebRTC :

I think this is the direction Google wants to push.

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