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how do i set up skype on my chromebook?

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Skype and Gmail are changing at every release = need to learn new features.

Simple that does not need to be spoken.

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Thank you!!!!!! Worked like a charm!!!!!! KuDOS

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Web based video chat

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Web based video chat - SORTED! Bye bye skype

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Still looking to see how to use Skype on my chromebook as well. However, I am able to use Skype for facebook for most of my family and friends and google hangout for others. Maybe look into that combination till they develope an app or web browser version?

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how do i set up on my cromebook ?


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chrome book is terribly useless , all the different types of platfrms still have issues or proprietary 

issues , stick to regular mac pr pc this is a complete waste of your money . 

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Thx. Returned the Chromebook the same day I bought it after reading posts on this board.
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this samsung google chrome is the worst i cant even get into the other profile i am only getting to use the guest page .... im really mad about this .... makes things worst i cant use skype 

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I disagree. The chrome book is lovely. Of course Microsoft is never going to develop an app which will encourage users to ditch Windows. Google is already eating Microsoft's lunch, and a Chrome Skype would make it worse.
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