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error: "Problem with 'Legacy' client"

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I'm using the latest version of Skype I think, for my distribution, which is version on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with KDE desktop, on a new Acer netbook.


When calling a user running Windows XP which also claims to be running the lastest version of Skype, I get the error message,


"Problem with 'Legacy' client"


and the call is not connected.


What does this mean please?


He's considering upgrading to Linux too. Will that fix the problem?





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Novel Adventurer

I am now having a simular problem, does anyone have any possible solutions ?


It surprises me that the Skype support does not seem to have any info on the "problem with legacy client" error message, and searching the web did not help either, is this such a rare problem ?


The thing is that initially I was able to successfully make a video call from a Linux computer to a Windows XP computer, then a short while later when I tried to make a call to the same XP computer I got that error message, but nothing was changed on either computer, that is why it is so puzzling.

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Ok, today I tried doing a video call between the same 2 computers, from a Linux to a windows xp and it worked again.


This could be an intermittent problem where sometimes it gets an error message and sometimes it works I'll see how it goes over time.


Even if it is an intermittent problem there still needs to be a fix so it is more dependable.

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