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[debian squeeze amd64] Looking for v 2.0, 2.2 too unstable.

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Novel Adventurer

Hi, does anyone, by chance, have an older version? I read on Debian manual that 2.2 is known to be unstable and it recommends downgrading. I can only find Windows older versions, not the Linux... :S

I used to use an older version on Ubuntu 10.04 amd64, not sure which one, because that system is no more, but it used to work well, so I hoped to try that if there's a chance...



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Novel Adventurer

in repo should be older versions ..

Novel Adventurer

Nope, not really... I had to install the deb package downloaded from this site. Skype used to be provided from this repo: but it belongs to Skype, not the Debian developers, and this repo sends back 403, when I try to look what's inside. Guessing version numbers would be tough I mean, I could try to come up with some leeching script that tried number combinations, but I'm afraid I'll get blocked for doing it / it's stupid, if I can just ask the developers...

Routine Adventurer

Send an e-mail to me at 


and I will send you the amd64 deb for 2.2.035-1 


Insert standard disclaimer - this build worked GREAT for me in Squeeze 64 until I did a clean install of 6.0.5 and now I have numerous issues, but I am reluctant to upgrade to the latest Linux version because,'s a microsoft product.


Plus I took the newer version for a test drive on another debian machine and it was hideous. Fewer features, lower quality calls, I'm unable to re-size certain windows, fb integration garbage and adverts. Not what I signed up for, and certainly not what I'm paying for but anyway.


Haven't had time to tinker with 2.2.035-1 on the 6.0.5 64 to try and resolve the issues but I fear the only fix will be upgrading. I am currently exploring other options because Skype is starting to suck as of late.

Routine Adventurer

P.S. - If anyone needs 2.1 or 2.2 i386 deb I have those, too.

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