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Web App for Google Chromebook?

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I just got Chromebook - really pissed to find out it doesnt support Skype !!!!

Novel Adventurer



check how you can "install linux on chromebook" and you will understand what flipping of dev switch is. Also notice that Skype installation may sill not work.

Casual Adventurer

How did you get it to work..I have tried, but can't make any sense of it


Novel Tourist

Microsoft and Google stope the nonesense and develop Skype for chromebook already! in such open world I do not believe someone is looking for such a trivial app as a differentiator that need to be guarded.. this is so frustrating soon people will start flocking out of both of you to someone nutral

Novel Tourist
Its been a year.. Still no skype
Casual Tourist

Looks like they are not going to release it soon


There are couple of good extensions in Chrome store though, that do almost the same as Skype does. Just check in "Social & Communication ->  Chat & IM" category.


I've ended up with, it doesn't require registration so is pretty good for quick video calls.

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Wrist are for bracelets, not cutting 

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Might not be what you're looking for, but you CAN use Skype via for IM, although not video calling..

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UniversityOfPi wrote:

Right now the only way to actually install skype for chrome os would require flipping the dev switch
I don't have a chromebook but I wonder about trying to install the linux version that way and then somehow calling it up through a webpage 

How would one go about doing this??

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