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Vote here for linux skype update

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Hey guys, I got this idea for posting this message here so skype developers will have an idea on how big is the Skype Linux community.

Maybe with that perception they will make an effort and release an update.


Linux skype update now!

vote with kudos



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Reliable Adventurer

Skype is skype.

I agree the interface should be the same for all systems, except for mobile for obvious reasons.

The previous 2.2 beta linux version of skype was too old, that's why it looks compact.

But hey! Just go to the options and change in 'Chat' you can unckeck the 'Use default view' check box to put it back to what it look before.


Seems to work fine on my Fedora 17, did not try video conference or desktop share yet.

I hope it works, 'coz I need it badly.

Does this version already support group video conference call?


Thank you guys, just keep going with the updates for Linux also as we are many and now satisfied to what just happened.


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Make an update like it's Windows and Mac siblings. There are still plenty of people who use linux!

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It's been in beta for how long now? Seriously Skype??
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I am patiently waiting for an update as I also think it has been in beta far too long.  I have been encouraged by the posting from Claudius Henrichs 2 weeks ago at Please tell the truth - Page 10 where he says: "Still I can't share any ETA, but we are making good progress."  From this I conclude that a new version is coming, but unfortunately no indication has been given - not even the number of months!!!!


I agree. It's time for an update. I'm not interested in a Windows or Mac like version, but an update that could use more modern and stable linux libraries, with a native 64 bit, without strange dependency.

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It's a nice idea.. But I don't think a "Forum vote" is going to convince MS to put in more time and money. I'd guess they have usage stats on their end which is far more accurate than a forum vote.


It would be nice to see Skype pick up for Linux, but it might be that they continue to [invalid URL]'s so people can create their own clients that uses their service maybe. That would be very nice so we could get something more flashy to use than the square box we have now.

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Just give up guys, if we don't like Skype that much right now there are alternatives. There's also WINE, we've complained and complained before and almost nothing came out of it. They'll release an update when they do, in the meantime enjoy the free version of Skype that you get and be happy you don't have bloated /fb/ integration in it with ads.

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Don't give up, keep voting.

If 25% (it could be more) of the votes are also skype pc-to-phone users Skype should upgrade for Linux.

The benefict? Skype will keep those users and earning with our calls.

If not, well we will have to move to another software and guess what, that will be spreaded the same way this post is.

The jump will be so fast they will feel the difference.

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As I have said careful what you wish for. The Win version has NOT been an easy ride. My LiNUX versions WORK,(and that IS the point, right?), whether on Mint, Bodhi, LU, XU, KU or any of the other Deb/Ub variants. AntiX, as well. I am HAPPY with "If it works don't fix it".
Please tell us...What operating system are you using? What version? What desktop? What kind of computer are you using? What kind of inputs and outputs do you have? There's more, but let's start there, shall we?
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RevLouM, it just doesn't work in the ways I want to use it, or that would make full use of my Skype subscription. Not to argue with your point, but just to say that "it kinda works, for some things" is more accurate for me.