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Video problem between Android phone and Mac computer

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I can video call with skype from my android 3 phone to my son's Iphone but not with my daugther who uses a Mac computer. Computer to computer video works find but neither one of us can use video when I'm on my android phone. Why is this happening with her and not with my son's Iphone?

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Me olso.
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Same problem. Can't do video calls between android 2.3 phone and macbook air. Video between windows computer and android phone, and between windows and mac works fine. In addition, i have same problem video-calling from linux computer to mac, and have no problem with linux-windows calls.
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What was the resolution? My family members have same issue. We are using TMobile Samsung Exhibit with 2.3 gingerbread OS and Macintosh OS X desktop computer. There does not appear to be update to Android 4.0 for this phone.


Was this resolved by updating software, client, OS, firewall ports, or hardware? What OS are you using on Android phone and Macintosh? Android 4.0 icecream sandwich, Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 and Skype Beta for Mac 5.4?


Did you have to change firewall settings on any tcp ports? Are you using the built in webcam or third party such as Logitech C910 webcam? Have you tried connecting using Mac emulation software PC applications? For example, Virtual Box or VMWware Fusion?


Is the problem limited to Skype? Have you tried other video conference software on the Android to see if the problem extends to video conference software to Macs? What were your results when using video conferencing across Yahoo Messenger, Google Chat, MSN messenger, Google Plus, Facebook, and simlar software or services?

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Any solutions ... everyone reporting problems !

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My video camera has disappeared on Skype also, a different phone number popped up when speaking on Skype to my son.

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I was having this same issue but updating to Skype for Mac seems to have solved it on a MacBook running 10.6.8.


Hope this proves helpful to others who are as frustrated as I'd been with the inability to connect between my Android phone and my wife's Mac.

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