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Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit and Webcam BisonCam NB Pro

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Casual Adventurer
Hi, in my notebook a webcam type BisonCAM NB Pro is built in. My OS is Ubuntu Linux 13.04 64-bit with Unity Desktop. The u.m. webcam is recognized by the linux programs "Cheese" and "Camorama" and shows video, so the webcam is working with Ubuntu Linux 13.04. But in Skype for Linux version in the options, video-section, there is only shown a green screen. How can I solve that and get this webcam working with Skype? Thanks in advance Tom
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Novel Adventurer

Hi, I have the same built in cam and I am using Ubuntu 13.04 64 with Unity, but my cam won't work with Cheese or any other program.


May I know what did you do to have it working? Then I will be able to check if I have the same problem as you on Skype.

Casual Adventurer
Hi saturnoyo, I am very sorry, but I cannot tell you, what I did to get run the built-in BisonCam NB Pro with cheese and camorama. It just runs from beginning in Ubuntu Linux 13.04 64-bit. But in skype and also in ekiga in the video option there is only shown a green screen. One idea maybe could be, that you first have to switch on the webcam with key [Fn] plus another key, here f.e. it is [F6], and then, maybe after a restart of them, cheese and/or camorama show picture. I suggest that, because as I got the notebook for new, in the first tests with cheese and camorama I often forgot to switch on the cam... ;-)
Novel Adventurer

Oooooooh... Yes... It was just that, I needed to enable the cam using the F10 FN-key. Thanks a lot!


Ok, now I have the same problem as you. Green video.


The video seems to be working with Cheese and with VLC without problems so it may really be something related to Skype.


I've been digging a little but I don't see anything interesting. I know this cam has lots of Linux users so it's weird not to see more posts about the problem.



Skype version:

Linux kernel: 3.8.0-30-generic

SO: Ubuntu 13.04 64

Casual Adventurer

:bigsmile: today I forgot to switch the cam off, so dont worry...


Maybe the most Linux users do not use video communication, neither with Ekiga, nor with Skype.


Most of them do only keyboard chat, so with Jabber, IRC and others.


But myself I really would like to have cam support in Skype, because some friends use it with Windows, and I want to see them, not just listening...


Do you know how a question could be placed to the programmers of Skype?

Casual Adventurer

Well, I made a test, talking thru Skype to a friend.


Result on his side unter Linux and Windows: he can see me, but I can neighter see him, nor myself.


So, this is a big bug in Skype for Linux.


Then I switched of the built in BisonCam, rebooted the notebook, and plugged in a USB Logitech C310 Webcam, wich also worked properly with cheese and camorama.


And, a few months ago, it had worked fine with Skype in Linux.


Now I got same result with the Logitech, as with the BisonCam.


So this only can be a **bleep** stupid bug in Skype for Linux - it looks like, that they do not test the Skype version before releasing...


Well, I am a little bit mad about this now...

Community Ambassador

Have you tried resetting your config.xml and shared.xml to see if anything changes?  You would want to delete or rename the current files.  If nothing else has changed in your system, this might at least temporarily solve the problem.  If you choose to rename the files and the replacement files work, then you might be able to compare them to see what's being changed or updated by the Skype binary to cause the problem.





Casual Adventurer



thanks for your suggestion.


I tried. Did not worked.


I tried some more, f.e. what is written in about Skype.


Does not work either.


Additionally, now the sound became so bad, that it is impossible, to talk to someone via Skype.


So, Ubuntu 13.04 has a problem with Skype, or Skype has it with Ubuntu 13.04.


Any more idea?

Novel Adventurer

Ok, I could finally test and I am having the same problem. The other person can see me but I can not see his cam or my own. It's all green. 2 green rectangles.

Novel Adventurer

Any news?

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