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UK 101 Police non-emergency number not supported?

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I wanted to call the police's 101 non-emergency number, but +44 101 didn't work.


Is there a geographical equivalent, or something that otherwise works from Skype?


I'm on Linux Skype version

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it clearly states that skype should not be used to make emergency calls. And seeing as it is free to call from any handset they would be no substitue for skype.

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The problem is likely due to the fact that you have no control over where your Skype-OUT call enters the public telephone network. The access point is very likely not in your city, so if the call were allowed to go through, you could find yourself connected to a police department in some distant part of the country.

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Being connected to the 'wrong' police force would be fine: when you call it, it tells you something like 'We're connecting you to the Metropolitan Police; if you wish to be connected to another force, please press 1 now.' and you're able to select the force you want to talk to - which is a major improvement on not being able to contact anyone!

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101 isn't an emergency number, so the 'Skype isn't for emergency numbers' point is irrelevant.


With regard to it being available for free from any handset, that's not really the point: I much prefer to talk using my computer headphones, rather than holding the relatively uncomfortable phone up to my increasingly sweaty and compacted ear.



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