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Strange Video Issue Ubuntu 13.04

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Novel Tourist

Hello everyone,


I recently switched my in-laws from Windows 7 to Ubuntu 13.04 after a nasty incident with the moneypak virus. Since their computer use is limited to skype and webmail, everything but Skype is working nicely.


Whenver I start a video call, the camera does not activate. The OS detects the camera and I can test the camera in the options window. However, when I click the "turn on video" button in a call, nothing happens on the computers' side. It's as if Skype forgets to tell the camera to activate.


I installed  the skype for Ubuntu 12.04 on the computer.


Any ideas?




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Casual Tourist

I have exactly the same problem (same skype and ubuntu versions). I've search everywhere on the web for solution but found none.

Please Skype team, provide some help/suggestion!

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