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Static binaries for Skype 4.1?

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Novel Adventurer

Hi, where are thwe static binaries for Skype 4.1? Have always been installing the static binaries for Linux since they were released.


Or rather, how long do we have to wait for a static binary of Skype 4.1, if at all? Static binaries are extremely important for users like me who are not using Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora or OpenSUSE.


Please bring back the static binaries, thanks.

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Former Staff
Static binary support has been removed and won't come back, sorry.
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Novel Adventurer
Do you want us to change OS or to move to Google talk?
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Casual Adventurer

Static version was the only one worked without any problems on any system

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Novel Tourist

To support that last statement: Debian 7.0 (multiarch) does not work on amd64.

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Novel Adventurer
I think this is a bad idea. I'm using RHEL 6.3 in my office. I was using the static binary in order to not muck around with the system and shared libraries.
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Casual Tourist

Isn't also easier for you to release only the dynamic and static binaries, and let the community to package them instead of supporting five distributions?

The static binaries work perfectly on any system. Can you please justify the choice of not provide them?

You're loosing ground here...

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Novel Adventurer

It has been removed.

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Novel Tourist

Ha-haaa, welcome to the sad reality! This is Micro$oft...

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Novel Tourist

Wow .. today seems to be the day I say good-bye to Skype. Without static binaries, I can't use it anymore and I am not going to adjust my operating system on M$softs philosophies.


But, thanks to the folks at Mozilla, Chrom(ium) and Opera, we have powerful web-based systems at our disposal.  Good bye and thanks for all the fish.




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