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Skype won't upgrade to 4 on Ubuntu 12.04

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porte360 wrote:

help me pls


maybe they would help you if you told them what is wrong?

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Doog wrote:

I removed it using the Software Centre as that's how it was installed; I can only assume that it removed it correctly. I did however notice that message and manually moved the referenced file, even with it no longer being there, that same message was present when trying to install.



OK, removing it on the command line, then installing again appears to have done the trick.


$ sudo apt-get --purge remove skype
$ sudo apt-get autoremove

The purge is not necessary. Rather remove that option so that incase the user needs to revert back, the config files remain useful.

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OK I have managed to un-install Skype 2.2 (this seems to be the problem) and successfully install version 4 ... You need to search for all skype files and remove them from the command line (in my case only 2 folders and about 5-6 files with very similar names, so that you can use rm skype-something*). I removed also skype bin file. Then it allowed me to install the new one

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i cant login though....

it just hangs there... :S

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In my case I had dependencies with a non-existing ia32-libs-multiarch package with the 64 bit version. Installing the 32 bit version worked fine though.
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sudo find / -iname "*skype*" -exec rm -rf '{}' ';' 


This will delete everything u have on ur computer which contains the name "skype". U should be able to install Skype 4.0 after that.

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...but also note that if you have ANY file containing the letters 'skype' in it's name, be it related or not to the actual program called skype, it will also be deleted. That includes pictures, extensions etc. You might want to make a search for 'skype' through Tracker first to see what will get deleted, before executing the command. I did that and deleted the files that I deemed relevant (not even close to all of them, though the remaining files were not important).
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I had this problem, too. But I have fix it.

1.Uninstall previous version of Skype
2.Delete the .Skype folder in the home folder (must make it visible hidden files)
3. Download the Skype .dep file and install it with software center.
4. Thats it
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Advising someone to delete the .Skype DIRECTORY is extreme and reckless to be advising someone straight off. Formatting the hard drive will also solve the problem but we're not suggesting that are we?

You NEVER need to delete the .Skype directory, at the very worst you just need to find offending files and remove those, or if you want to test it quickly just move .Skype to somewhere else.

Most often than not your problem is going to lie in another proc having some skype files open

I've posted these links before and I'll post em again so that you don't go off and take such uncessarily extreme actions to fix a problem(and loose all your configs and ALL of your chat histories in the process)

The reason I am so adamant about this and come down so hard on people for suggesting this is because I had a lawsuit a few years ago who's outcome rested in part on the contents of my skype chat logs. You have no idea how important it can be to save these things for sometime down the road and trust me, once they are gone they are GONE
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nisdec wrote:

sudo find / -iname "*skype*" -exec rm -rf '{}' ';' 


This will delete everything u have on ur computer which contains the name "skype". U should be able to install Skype 4.0 after that.

I think that is a very extreme measure. It also means Skype will have to be setup afresh and settings from 2.2 can't be used. it doesn't quite count as an upgrade.

All that's needed is for the skype and skype-bin packages to be removed. Then everything works. If the dependencies on the skype 4 deb were set correctly, this wouldn't be an issue.

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