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Skype silently crashes on Ubuntu.

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I'm running Ubuntu 11.04 64bit.

Skype keep stops responding randomly afres seconds or minutes, without an apparent reason.

I've to kill the process to be able to launch it again. I've read a lot of people with the same problem in the other forum posts (the old forum?).


I've tried downloading the client from repository or from the site here, but it has the same problem.

This is going on since 2 months now: ridicolous.

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I have the same problem with Ubuntu 10.10 64bit and Ubuntu 11.04 64bit.

I have read a  thread in (can't send the link) but found no definitive answer.


Could anyone from skype help?

I am thinking about alternative applications; just stay on skype because many people I have to interact with use it.



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I have the same problem.
Ubuntu 11.04
I read in the old (?) Skype forum that it is an audio issue, but I don't think so, because I'm not using Skype for calls, just for chatting.
It didn't help to disable audio input (as suggested in the old forum)

And yes, it is ridicolous!
Guys, please, this is a major issue!
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same problem

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Ubuntu 11.04 64bit and latest skype release downloaded on this site.

I have read a thread in but found no definitive answer.
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I think Skype team does't care about our problem. The demonstration is that we are at version 2.2 while for other platforms they are over ver 5...

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At least someone could tell us, if they are working on the issue...

Guys? Someone? Anyone?

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Zerberus121 wrote:

At least someone could tell us, if they are working on the issue...

Guys? Someone? Anyone?

They are, Skype for Linux will be killed as soon as they can (MS...)

Let's see if they make us redirect to the incoming Skype plugin for Facebook, or get kicked in the ass by the Google one

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I have the same problem with 11.04 32bit. Silently crashes Skype versions form to latest one. I think a problem maybe will not be in Skype client but in Ubuntu 11.04. In Ubuntu 10.11. went Skype corectly.

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I had the same problem with Skype on Ubuntu 11.04 64 bit. It kept silently freezing with the interface still appearing to be working - but to all my friends I would appear off-line and my instant messages would not go through - and on trying to quit Skype it would freeze and I would have to quit with pgrep skype and then kill -s 9 etc..


What handled it was to upgrade to the latest latest version of Skype for Linux posted downloadable from Skype -  - since I did that the problem has not returned - and it has been for more than 24 hours so I am a happy man. 







woops... spoke too early. It has been crashing again. I just had a spell of no crashes apparently.


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