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Skype silently crashes on Ubuntu.

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doesn't work for me

tyamat wrote:

When i start skype with:

skype --disable-api


it seems to work.


Novel Adventurer

It still seams to crash but less frequently, the question is of course why?

Novel Tourist

For me skype just stops sending messages and I can't make calls. The gui still works.

Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit.

Casual Adventurer

Can we make a petition in order for them to solve this problem?

Casual Adventurer

AH! & What! Which is the alternative choise, if Skype in all LINUX DISTRIBUTIONS, suck, in UBUNTU have full mistakes, example; automatically skype cut the VIDEO CALL, then, apparently freeze, & when the user tries, restart SKYPE for LINUX. Poom! Other error, The user can't access to the software.

Because SKYPE say: Another instance is in use.

Really skype forgot the LINUX comunity, (discarding to ANDROID).

If the LINUX design is a problem! Whel! NOT MAKE S.TUPID EXCUSES.

Skype dont works at LINUX, we need look: Like Ex user of Windows, i & we need to look alternatives.

Im sorry for being r.ude, and s.poiled my terms.

Skype is not a thing that has to be in linux! Really in my way of thinking! SKYPE is not ufficient to stay at or in hardy platforms likes are LINUX.

Sorry for being i.diot, but is truth.

Jaen Alejandro
Novel Tourist

I have fixed the following crashing messages:


"process `skype' is using obsolete setsockopt SO_BSDCOMPAT"


creating a "Logs" directory under .Skype directory like this:


mkdir ~/.Skype/Logs



I hope this will help you guys.

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I've been using Skype for many, many years. But unfortunately Skype on Ubuntu 64 really sucks lately due to the issues described here. I now do all my land line calling over Google's Talk Plugin. My experience is: No problems on Ubuntu with pulseaudio, no silent crashes, rates are comparable, even cheaper sometimes, usually better sound quality on LInux with low bandwidth, compatibility with empathy or other OSS chat clients. I hate do say it but I'm done with Skype and many of my friends are moving over to Jabber/Google, for chatting, too. Thanks Skype team for all that you've done for me but the competition does not sleep...
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Have a go at this:
In your home folder there is a hidden ".Skype" folder/directory.
Close Skype completely
Re-name the ".Skype" folder to ".Skype-date"
Re-start Skype
Log-in to Skype

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Unfortunatly this also happens in Ubuntu 12.04 (that will be the next LTS) and the problem seems to be worse on 64bits machines. :-(

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I just filled a bug report on Ubuntu bug tracking system [], but I don't have any hope that will be able to do anything.

Anyway, if this bug is affecting you, mark as "affecting me" in the bug to help make some pressure...
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