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Skype for Linux on the ARM architecture

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Novel Tourist

There is a ever growing number of Laptops, Nettops and more fancy boxes (Raspberry Pi, TrimSlice, and many more) that are ARM based, run Linux and would be perfectly suited to also run Skype.


Please compile Skype for this platform.


I suggest to configure gcc with "-march=armv6 -mfpu=vfp" for compatibility and "-mfloat-abi=hard" as well as "-mfloat-abi=softfp".


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Novel Tourist

Ditto! I just got my new Raspberry Pi up and running and the first place I went to was Skype to see if they had a compatible version for the Pi... This my first venture into Linux so I'm in the lower end of (I suspect) an extreme learning curve! :bigsmile:

Anyway, I hope the folks at Skype see fit to put something together... It will be appreciated and used for sure...

Novel Adventurer
Would be nice if our friandly coders out there could develop a debian/ubuntu arm package.., considering the android version seems to fail epicly. Pls take the time to sort things out.
Novel Tourist
I thought there was a version to work with the rasp BMC or xbmc for the raspberry pi???
Novel Adventurer

I have a Debian sid distro ported to a cheap chinese netbook.. I haven't found skype for raspberry or any arm/armel based architecture

Novel Adventurer
I definitely agree that Skype for Linux needs to be compiled for the ARM hardware platform. I have a Raspberry Pi and a Odroid-X2 which use the ARM microprocessors. The Odroid-X2 is made by Hardkernel and has a ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore. ARM is an unavoidable platform that should be developed for. I have a desktop computer that can use Skype well but I don't feel that I should have to pay for the power consumption of a 450 watt PC just to voice chat around the world when a 5 watt Raspberry Pi or a 7 watt Odroid can do the task quite well.
Novel Adventurer
You don't have to expect such a steep learning curve. It's about perception. Raspbian is easy to use on the Raspberry Pi, it is Debian Linux that has been adapted for the Raspberry Pi and it is intended to be a little bit designed toward children to use. I mean, younger children, like 9 years old. The Raspberry Pi is easy to use, like so many Linux operating systems, but the CPU in the Raspberry Pi is a bit weak for some applications. The GPU is pretty powerful though for a device such as the Raspberry Pi.
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