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Skype for Google Chromebook

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Hahaha, lol, the point I don't why, so my suggestion was for the people who were still trying, to try what has been easily given. If you are fine with just calling that is okay, but I would like to be able to see my boyfriend when he is out of town for the entire summer.
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skype is working in chromebook.  you can see it here .open this URL in your chromebook,  and sign in to your skype. That's it. 

Being a web content developer and tech writer, I have plenty of info about some software. From first day, im using skype text chat and file sending etc. on my chrome book. I never gave any silly comment on this forum. Mind your words plz. :happy:

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 other users plz ignore it. 

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news is that microsoft is working on skype web app. Meanwhile you can use skpe video chat in your smart phone or use any other video chat tool from Chrome Web Store. It's not a big issue. Hangout is fine. Others may also be available. You need to search on web store in chromebook about other video chat messengers. Its plain sailing. 

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I never said anything about IM+ being silly. I said telling someone to use Google Hangouts - so, SWITCH TO A DIFFERENT PRODUCT/SERVICE ALTOGETHER - instead of discussing using Skype on a Chromebook, was silly

I've used Skype for YEARS... Why would I want to have all of my contacts switch to Hangouts? Why would THEY want to switch to Hangouts because "I" want to use a Chromebook? That would be the same as my Apple fan-boy friends saying, "You need to switch to Face Time"

Read, plz

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"Use some other service" is only a moderately useful answer.


My situation is this.  I have a 93 year old mother who has learned how to use Skype.   This is a rather amazing feat for someone of that vintage.  I experimented with Google Hangouts, but they aren't as easy for someone like her to adapt to.   There's just too much other crud on the screens for her to navigate.   When I call her on Skype all she has to remember is "click on Answer with Video".   


I want to get her a Chromebook because I feel like I spend every other visit fixing something that broke on her Windows laptop.    I don't think that tablets are a good option for her either since they are hard to type on, even (IMHO) if you have a BlueTooth keyboard for your tablet.  (Not ready to jump into  MS Surface yet).


Thus what I need is a way to do Skype on the Chromebook.

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I am wanting to know the same thing,  When or if you figure out how to get Skype on a Chromebook, please let me know how you did it.



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open or download IM + ( IM Plus) from chrome web store. you can sogn in to skype and text chat here. sending files is also possible but no video chat.
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thank you! I can't believe I bought 2 of these and now can't use them

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I did and it is not working for me

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