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Skype for Google Chromebook

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How can i get skype on my chromebook? what option do i choose?

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You can't use Skype on a Chromebook as there is no web based version at present. It's totally possible with HTML5 technology but Microsoft haven't developed it yet. You can however use Skype via "imo" Messenger from the Chrome WebStore. It's ok and it's not as pretty as Skype but it does work.
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thank you!  I can't believe I bought 2 of these and now can't use them!

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I can't get it to work fully on imo either. I can answer calls, but the other person can't see if I try to call them. They can send me chat messages, but can't see mine. They can hear me, and I can hear them, but we can't see eachbother.

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Try using Google Hangout

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I, too, would like a web-application for Skype functionality.


The problem, is that for full web-app functionality, the browser would have to support HTML5 elements, and unfortunately, now that Microsoft owns Skype, don't hold you breath. The same company that owns now Skype is the same company that makes Internet Explorer - and if there are any other web developers here, they know, too, that Internet Explorer isn't exactly 'cutting edge'.


HTML5's getUserMedia() would surely support using the webkit browser - Chrome - to grab the user's microphone and/or webcam, and Chrome supports web sockets, so, what's the problem?

Politics. Why would Microsoft want you to use Skype on a Google product, and why would Google want you to use Skype when they have Google Talk / Hangouts?


As usual, the consumer gets screwed.

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Hi guys.

I hope they will think of us with the Chrome books to use Skype too. Is the only minus for the device and I really need Skype on it !!!


@ Skype ppls, don't know if anyone reads this here but do something about it ! I don't want to use other software for messaging nor calling, make Skype work on Chrome OS 2 !


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I don't view this a chromebook flaw, but a skype flaw.

Yes, you can run it, install crouton

Then install linux Skype.


But, the much better solution is what I did, gave up on Skype, and migrated entirely to Google Voice.
It turns out that the calls are actually better (I never used it because when I first did, years ago, skype was superior), but that is not the case anymore, it is now the opposite.

I have a lot of credit with skype, so still check back here, but haven't used skype for 6 months since I was forced into an alternative due to bad business decisions by them.

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How on earth do you do this!
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Sadly GVoice & The UK don't seem to get along too well. It's kinda possible with a few hacks here and there and it's possible to call using GVoice credit from within GMail on a Chromebook but for the most part it doesn't exist over here, thx for the crouton tip, may give it a shot. 

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