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Skype bug typing accents in chat windows?

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Ever since i configured IBus in my Ubuntu 11.04 with both the Portuguese PT and the Japanese inputs, i lost the ability to correctly write in Portuguese, since the accents don't get typed properly. For example, if i try to write "á" it always types "´a". I tried with other programs, including various text editors, and i only have this problem with skype in the chat windows.


Does anyone have any idea how to solve this?


Apparently it's only a skype problem working with IBus since i haven't got this problem with any other program in Ubuntu so far, and it was working well before i set it to work with the Japanese input, that by the way, is working just fine.

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I am having the same problem. I running Arch Linux with skype I keyboard switch between Greek and English and the problem only occurs in Skype.


Edit: It appears to be a bug within QT applications.

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No solution yet? I have the same issue on Ubuntu 12.10 64bits. It appears once I configurated IBus.
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I have the same problem with Fedora 18 64bits.


But in Fedora 17 64bits was working fine.

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Not sure if it will work on Debian based distros, but this works fine in Fedora 18:


yum install ibus-qt.i686


Then, in a terminal:

export QT_IM_MODULE=ibus


You can make the change permanent by placing the line above in your .bashrc file.



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I tried this on Arch Linux with no success.
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I'm having the same issue on manjaro 3.8.13-1-MANJARO skype in latam spanish. When typing ´a I get ´a instead of the expected á

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I'm actually suddenly having the same problem in Windows 7.  All of a sudden 'e is creating an accented "e"  rather than typing the actual strokes correctly.  Don't think this is limited to Linux.  Checked language settings and it's set for English.  It is also not windows keyboard settings I removed the international keyboard option and I am able to type normally in other applications.  Skype is the only one doing this.

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