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Skype and Ubuntu 12.04LTS Beta 32bits

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Novel Tourist

I have Ubuntu 12.04LTS Beta 32bits and Creative Live Cam Vista IM. Webcam works very good in Ubuntu (Camorama), and with voice and video chat complement for talk, but skype 2.2 beta not work...:manfrustrated:


Please, i need help


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Novel Adventurer
Hi Todoesnormai. Eventually, Skype video will only work for now in lower version of Ubuntu. Try Ubuntu 10.04, that will fit for your Skype videos. It might be Skype will release soon for Ubuntu 12+ soon as Ubuntu 12+ will be stable. But for now, Skype is good only for chatting if you use Ubuntu 12.04. If you really want it a Skype video chat. Try putting it in Wine. But expect some minor problems while running your Skype with Wine. I suggest you have you have higher specs so won't be so slow.
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Why be bothered trying to get Skype to work with Ubuntu 12.04? Just say to hell with skype and start using something different like Google Voice.

Reliable Adventurer

Well there must be something wrong with ubuntu 12.04.  I use kubuntu 12.04 and last weekend my wife and I had a most successful Skype session, including Video, with our Son on the other side of the world for about an hour. 


Less than a week ago we also had another Skype session with friends.  If anything, I would say that Skype is working better in 12.04 than 11.10 because with 11.10 we often experienced gross fluctuations in data rate.  On some occasions it got so bad that we had to restart Skype.  Please note that all my communications with Skype involve video.  Also, it pays to have sufficient CPU and memory capacity to handle the encoding and decoding operations required by Skype.

Skype start with video on 12.04 beta with this command:
LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libv4l/ skype
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