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Skype Unable to friend and not receiving messages from latest group chats from recently

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Novel Tourist

I have been using Skype with Ubuntu for nearly 3 years and till recent has been prefectly fine. I am experiencing some issues and the details are as described below.


  1. Unabl to accept friend/contact requests
  2. Not receiving messages from new groups



  • Version:
  • OS: Ubuntu 14.04


Unable to accept friend/contact requests
A client of mine added me to the contact and as usual I accepted. But this time insted of showing him online I am seen an request similar to a new contact request. But I have no ability to accept. But I can send a contact request which seems not to receive in the other end.


Not receiving messages from new Group Chats

I use group chats frequently. Currently there are over 4 active group chats. But 2 of the latest that I have been added to I am not receiving messages from or any notification.


Are there any suggstions to rectify the issues.


Thanks in advance.

  • Contact request
  • group chat
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