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Skype 4 drops calls when answering.

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Casual Adventurer

Everytime someone calls me, I click to answer and skype drops the call. I don't get the call dropped message or anything, the call just dissapears. Skype worked great before I upgraded to version 4. Is anyone else having this issue?

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Casual Adventurer

Just downgraded back to 2.2, couldn't figure this out an it's killing me!!!!

Really liked the interface updates in 4 though, thanks Skype team. Looking forward to the next version, perhaps my problem will be fixed.


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Casual Adventurer

Where did you get the old 2.2 package from?

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Casual Adventurer

luckily it was left in my downloads folder from long ago, I couldn't find it on the skype page anywhere

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Casual Adventurer
Also seeing exactly this problem, running on Slackware 13.37 32bit. I'm able to call out but call drops immediately and call window never appears if I answer a call. I'd be interested in a solution apart from having to downgrade to old version.
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Casual Adventurer

It would be great if a solution could be found. I don't see anything odd in my logs. I'm using debian squeeze 32 bit , 3.3 kernel, and KDE desktop. I also have another PC running xubuntu. Everything works fine there. Seems to be a rare issue, I don't have any idea what could cause it.

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Novel Tourist

Am having the exact same problem. Can making outgoing calls just fine, incoming calls get dropped when I click to answer. Happens on Skype net calls and SkypeIn calls. I'm running Debian testing (wheezy) on amd64 with all packages updated.

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Novel Adventurer

I was having this problem with Skype 4 and Arch (64 bit).  I deleted my ~/.Skype folder, which was the same one I originally had from Skype 2, and I have not had a problem answering calls since.

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Casual Adventurer

This solution worked for me also.  Shut down skype.  Remove (or rename) .Skype directory.  Start up skype so new .Skype directory gets created.  Able to answer calls without call window vanishing.  Thanks!


Something in .Skype directory hung over from Skype 2.x causes problem for Skype 4.  The quick  skim of the diffs - too numerous to pinpoint anything in particular. 

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Casual Adventurer

OK, I removed Skype 2.x via apt-get purge. Removed the .Skype directory by rm -Rvf .Skype. Re-installed skype 4.x had a few people try to call and I still can't answer PSTN calls get a busy signal, calls from a skype use go to voicemail.

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