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Screen share using Linux?

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Novel Adventurer

Will screen share work with a Linux machine?

How many people can be on that call at one time?


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Novel Adventurer

I can confirm that it work, but in some cases client see the double or triple sized image with wrong regions, need to restarting skype. In Gnome 3 the image at my desktop freezes.

May be such enviroments as Gnome 2 + Metacity, Unity 2D, XFCE, LXDE and so on be work well.

From the west forests.
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Good evening Lirein,


I've been doing some sniffing around and it looks like the only way I can get Skype to behave for screen sharing with more than one viewer is to use a Windows machine, sigh. Right now Skype screen share works about half the time.


I've tried lots of other programs for screen sharing on my Linux setup and have not yet found a good answer. The best so far has been Mikogo. Unfortunately they do not support a 64 bit system and that throws a wrench into my works.


To use a screen sharing program I will have to reluctantly use a Windows machine. I hope that changes some time soon.


Thanks for your reply.

John Teisberg

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Hello! I've experienced screen sharing problems when using Gnome 3 (Gnome shell). Recently I switched to KDE 4.8.2 and screen sharing works just fine!

Greets Christian
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You can get Skype to work with Linux, congratulations.

Having spent a weekend wrestling with Ubuntu 12.4 I'm off back to Windows, no more Mickey Mouse software for me.


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Yes it works, but sometimes it crashes and I don't have a clue why... I'm sure those bugs could be fixed easily by the developers, but there's no information whether linux support is being continued or not... what a pity

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It used to work on my ubuntu 12.04   but now its stopped.   I've not been able to find out why,  just appear to be lots of other frustrated users with the sme problem.


Can we have a list of know working environments for Linux screen share

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Linux versions of Skype lag far behind windoze. There are now far better, bulit proof, faster, way more flexible (cross platform and cross protocol) and secure, open source and free alternatives to skype. It would be inappropriate to mention any here. ;-}


If you want reliable screen sharing under and operating system use VNC. It can be secured, configured read only or as a remote desktop, and importantly it works.


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I can share screen with a single person. When trying to share screen in a conference call of more than two participants the screen sharing options are being grayed out. Using Skype Skype for Linux. Both the multiarch and 32bit behave the same. It is preposterous, that the development of a single software by a single company is divergent regarding different OS's to such an extend.

I'm interested in FOSS software for linux, windows and OS X, that allows me to share screen with multiple users. If anyone knows one - please put it in an answer.

@Microsoft Skype Development Team: Thumbs down to you!

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I'd call Microsoft mickey-mouse for going out of the way to create a stripped version for Linux, when for the most part, the Linux OS has got to be the easiest to compile software for and it's also really easy to tie in with numerous toolkits such as QT and GTK for a better experience. Y'know, if they're already willing to create a stripped version virtually from scratch anyways...

I'm going to try screen share today. Running Arch Linux. *fingers crossed*

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