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Please tell the truth.

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Novel Adventurer

Has been a long time since the lastest release of Skype for linux... A mod answer would be nice right now

Casual Tourist

How is it that even the Linux based Android platform gets updates? Hell, even Mac products are based on UNIX.

Novel Tourist
The M$ machine only cares about containing the losses. Balmer is a hyper-paranoid and worries that allowing other technologies that they don't own (they have owned 17% of Apple shares and it may be more by now - no one seems to know if they sold or not). UNIX and Linux have always been a threat and unlike others that recognize that when technology wins it floats all boats, M$ believes they need to control it all. It will lead to mediocrity in technology, but they don't care - clearly!
Novel Tourist
I am uninstalling skype from all devices, windows and linux computers and my phone. google is the way forward and microsoft (named after their genitals) has failed to give the support it should. rip skype
Novel Tourist

I'm not here to rant.  Skype has been and will continue to be a valuable asset whenever I am away from home.  I am not likely to use Microsoft Windows again and neither will any of my family.  Please continue to provide me with the excellent service that Skype offers.  Yes, there is an alternative voip service I can use, but I like Skype and want to continue with it.  Please try to ensure that there is an Ubuntu package available for every upgrade.

Community Manager Emeritus

Development hasn't stopped. We are still working towards the next update. Can't share an ETA though. We'll release "when it's done"

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Routine Adventurer

If, after a year or so of development, you still don't know when it's going to be finished (which implies that it will not be finished in the next few weeks), there is either a single poor programmer on this project, trying to build a completely new client, or it's what we call "vaporware".

Reliable Adventurer

Thanks for finally giving some news after this long time of silence.  I hope we do not have to wait too long for the next release and I am looking forward to it:bigsmile:.  


I tend to feel sorry for developers who have to endeavour to have their software work on a wide variety of platforms.  I have just come across an article which gives background to this problem, it is at:  Keep up the good work, and I hope you do not get too many complaints with the release of the next version.

Novel Adventurer

We aren't interested with the ETA. We are intrested in why we have been without an update for so long.

Routine Adventurer
Of course we all want to know why they didn't give give us updates when updates for Win and Mac came out. However, I am very interested in the ETA, because I want to know how long they want to let us wait for the new version.