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Please tell the truth.

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Novel Tourist

Dear Skype team,


I see development going on for skype in every platform except my favourite. Linux. What is up with this guys? The program has been touched in the last how many years? Its been dead. How about you reawake the sleeping giant? Its a horrible looking skype. I will still continue to use Linux whether or not you update skype for linux, that will never change a Linux user, so do us a favour, Skype clients a favour, and update Skype for Linux seen that you have it. You began building and didnt finish, why start? Come on guys seriously, are you not ashamed to leave a version of Skype like that available for download comparing it with your Windows version? Do you know why LInux is better, because it does not break as often as Microsoft and thats why people use it. Its more reliable and stable. Please give us support for Skype on LInux.


Please. I think a lot of people would greatly appreciate it. Not just me. A whole community or at least give the community the source code and let us develop it for ourselves.


Thank you.

Casual Adventurer

I think there are people working on it and I feel sorry for them because it is most likley just 1 or 2 guys and microsoft prob put them in the basement so it would be harder for them to get any work done.


There are a lot of talented programmers in the linux community who would program for free because they need skype as its what their family use. There for if the Linux client team is small or just one guy they should just allow them to work on realeasing updated API's so they can get more work done and let programmers in the linux community do the rest of the work.


Releasing a API is not like releasing source code so I do not see a reason why it cant be done.

Routine Adventurer

This kind of behaviour of Skype co. is bringing users to Skype most important competitor: Google Voice

Routine Adventurer

Just to let you know, I don't buy credit from many months. And I will not charge other credit until we get a satisfational answer.

Novel Adventurer

As a Linux user, I am sad that Microsoft doesn't give a **bleep** about it's users.

Casual Adventurer

The development for Linux Skype is dead for years now. It tooked at least 2-3 years untill they pulled out 2.1 "stable. Then a couple of years later they introduced 2.2 "beta". As you can see a couple of years later there have been probably 2 or 3 minor releases with "major" bugfixes.

I've written over this topic for a couple of times. You won't get a response from skype nor they shall do anything about the linux skype version anyware in the near future. I guess the next release will be here after the end of the world (And that will be a long time from now.)

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Routine Adventurer
Sorry Andre, it somewhat looked like you are closing this thread for other reasons.
Novel Adventurer

I asked about Skype4Linux Development via support ticket and the answer was that the linux port is still under development:


Yes, Skype is still being developed for the Linux platform. The next version will be released within the coming months and it promises several improvements and new features.
Due to the nature of the development cycle, we are unable to provide you with exact dates of releases and this is also why the information has been so scarse.
Novel Adventurer

I am also very disappointed in Microsoft (seemingly) stopping development under Linux. This was a chance for the company to prove that they care about the software itself, and that they want to enable communication between people. But they showed that they are still the same... it's all about the money.


At the time I am looking for other Audio/Video chat solutions which are also usable under Linux so that I can stop using skype.