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Please tell the truth.

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Casual Adventurer

Since when Microsoft purchased Skype it looks like that the support to Linux development has stopped. It's a long time that we don't see a developper answering on this forum.

Please, Skype people, tell the truth: Skype will or will not continue to develop Linux version?

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Novel Adventurer

sometimes I buy skype credit and ı use linux. for this reason microsoft must support the linux version.

Routine Adventurer
In all honesty i don't think Microsoft should have been allowed to purchase Skype as it definitely give them an unfair advantage over it's rivals. And the mere thought of Microsoft doing anything to help its linux user's is almost laughable. Still miracles can happen i suppose but in this case i doubt it.
Routine Adventurer

We must keep up this topic until a developer will answer to this question

Novel Tourist

the 2.2 beta version of skype is absolutely horribly disgusting!!!!
It couldn't possibly be more glitchy, and they aren't even giving you the choice to download the older stabler version.I say microsoft really has picked up shop and left the linux department entirely!

Novel Adventurer

I never buy credits on skype, its not working good.
I buy credits from other supplier that does support linux, crystal clear sound from them.

Casual Adventurer

I think that no one from developpig team wil never answer this 3D.

Novel Adventurer
They will not spend any cent on linux client until it will be able to work in its current state.
Routine Adventurer
It does not work well. They must answer us because we are paying customers
Casual Tourist
They just don't care for us. There is no stable version of Skype for linux and the program doesn't support a lot ot web cam drivers. Don't give a **bleep** about us. Bill the people hates you.