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No sound or crappy sound on Kubuntu 13.10

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Skype sound playback was always broken on ubuntu (tested on many configurations and OS versions). When starting playbeck (not matter that was a sample or started connection) few seconds on start always was crappy. 

On upcoming Kubuntu 13.10 there is bigger problem. There is no sound playback or its crappy all the time.
Im not sure its system problem because there was similar problem on older kubuntu version.

Other audio software works great, so i guess thats Skype fault.

Now on kubuntu 13.10 skype is not to use. 

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I just wanted to chime in to say that I think this is an issue with the newest skype ( not working with anything that uses KDE.


My computer itself has sound and my microphone works with Audacity, so I know everything but skype is working. I have Linux Mint (Ubuntu) with KDE.


It happened very suddenly. I reinstalled Skype, then suddenly there was no sound. It went from working to not working within 30 seconds all due to an upgrade. I also am getting crash problems now and never had them before.


Someone else is also having this problem.


I'm going to try his solution and see if it works. You may want to try that, too!


Edit: I did the solution in the link. It downloads Pulse Audio. From there, you'll need to hit "Options -> Sound Devices -> open Pule Audio Control"

If you can't record, check under "recording" to make sure the right mic is selected. If You can't hear anything, check under "output devices" instead.

Routine Adventurer

After restart problem appears again. No sound or crappy sound quality.

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just to tailgate on this, I have Ubuntu 13.04 and skype working A-ok, but a 13.10-beta1 with skype with the new multiarch stuff seems to result in choppyunusable audio, both in and out.

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I found that this problem is related to pulse audio master update in 13.10.

Its possible to get skype working well. Just run it with special command:

Exec=/usr/bin/env PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=30 /usr/bin/skype

 Of course its workarount and it should be solved by skype developers team.

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awesome, works a treat, thanks for the hint! :bigsmile:

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Pulse never really worked on my laptop so I am using alsa, but I wanted to play with the "solution" here and decided to uninstall alsa and reinstall pulseaudio.

Removing alsa tells me it will also remove kubuntu-desktop and my linux- kernel generic 3.11.3 (yes I installed that last week.)

Installing pulse will remove linux- kernel generic 3.11.3, but I wanted to keep that.

On my main 13.04 skype works just fine. I have set up skype the same for both 13.04 and 13.10. Same version, same settings.

I will try and boot into another kernel and see what that does.

Edit: It doesn't matter which kernel I use. 3.11.3, 3.10.x, 3.09.x I get the same clackes up voice.

Is there a work around for alsa, I wonder?

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Hi,   I tried your fix, and skype loads from the terminal, but when Itry to sign in it says that  I am already signed in, when in fact I am not, so didnot get the chance to test the sound, any Ideas?

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VOW! You have saved my life!

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