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My skype is not working

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Hello, I downloaded the new skype to the computer. Everytime I log in to it, it closes. I am wondering if you can help.

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I have been having the same problem for the last couple days. Soon as I login,  it turnes off, I even downloaded a new skype but still the same problem.

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Many of u said u couldn't download the link cause there was a breakage in this link so I am re-posting it--If u read many of the posts concerning this skype crashing issue it has been recommended that u install the latest version of skype that includes adding ur facebook friends to ur contact list and it works-I can now IM message AND also video chat with all my contacts-I have tested it after the installation and it works fine-See other posts recommending this fix-I myself have windows 7-64 bit-heres the updated link(so sorry my original link had a breakage and couldnt be opened)     THIS IS THE BETA 5.7 DOWNLOAD

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hi i got problem with my skype cant get access to video call and talk  every i sign in there a problem please can help me  thank

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even i already download wen i sign in the programe close

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When I open Skype I get a message saying "Home Skype" unavailable. I cannot call anyone. This has been going on for over a week Peter
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My problem with bing unable to access Skype is solved. I discovered my security provider had blocked my access to Skype, With instructions I was able to unblock this and my Skype immediately went back to working normally.



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I have had skype on mac for a while but 1 day it just dosen't want to open it i re download it over and over but still dosen't please some one help 

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hi i have a problem could not change status it's off line all the time

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i cant get my keypad please fix it if you can but let me know one way or the other

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