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LinuxMint - how to clear chat history (without deleting entire .skype directory)?

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Casual Adventurer

subject line says it all.



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Casual Tourist

For me not even deleting the entire ~/.Skype directory works.

I've disabled the chat history in the options, quit Skype, deleted the entire ~/.Skype directory. When I sign back in I can see all my contacts slowly getting reloaded from Internet and after a while all my conversations are reloaded as well.

Using Skype on Linux Mint Debian Edition.

Novel Tourist

I found that if you go to Options/Privacy/Keep Chat History/Disable History/Apply/Close  then log out and log back in, my chat history disappeared. You can then reset it to whatever period you want again - ? 2 weeks.

Casual Tourist

I went to Options /privacy/history/disable History then reboated and that didn't help

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