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How to make Skype start automatically?

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Casual Tourist

In Windows, there is a feature that makes Skype run automatically when Windows starts up. I can't find the same feature in the Ubuntu version. Any suggestions? Please keep in mind that while my computer skills are above-average, I just recently switched to Linux and haven't quite gotten my bearings yet.

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Novel Tourist

Same bro, Same problem on OS X Lion. 
please help "US" skype.  

Casual Adventurer

When you just want to start it you can as a real unix man use your .profile


Just at the and or so,  pgrep skype || ( skype & )  ,  will start it.

This will try to start skype if it is not running each time your .profile is loaded.


Not shure if it will remember your passwd, but thats just what you never want.


This is the way I start all my apps or do some settings I need.

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