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How to disable video calls?

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How can I disable video calls in Skype?

I regularly use low bandwidth connections, and almost never want to send a video feed.


It is quite annoying for me, that it seems more and more difficult to make audio only calls in each newer version of Skype.

As I remember, there used to be an option to disable the webcam/video feed. Then it was removed.

"Call" used to be the default, primary action of the green button, now it says "Video call" for several of my connections.


There should really be a privacy option for that.



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What type device are you using with Skype?  Mac?  Windows?  Mobile?


At least in the Windows version there are two buttons when a contact is selected...Video Call and Call.   If you use the Call button your video won't be turned on.


When answering an incoming call there is also an option to Answer with Video or just Answer.



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It might help that one of the Privacy Preferences features under Skype for Mac (specifically version gives the choice for "Allow video and screen sharing from" one of either "Nobody", "Contacts", or "Anyone".


However, even after selecting "Nobody", most Skype contacts still show up with "Video Call" as the default option. This might be a reflection of the contact's choice on this Privacy Preference setting, since not all contacts show up with "Video Call" as their default. Others have a default of "Call" with "Video Call" also selectable.


Any thoughts or input from the Skype staff on this?


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I use Skype 2.8, which still works, and you can disable video. I like 2.8 much more than the current version (6). This is for the Mac, and I don't know if this works on Windows or Linux.

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I too prefer to making only non-video calls.  I no longer have that option.

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