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Fedora 13 Not Launching Skype

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Novel Tourist

Right, so I wish I was getting some sort of error message, that would make things easier. So I'm running fedora 13, and I downloaded and installed skype listed as being "13 and up" for fedora.
Skype installed, so I tried to launch it, nothing.
So I double checked that it was installed (by attempting to install again), it did give me an error telling me it was already installed.
However, for some reason unknown to me, when I tell it to launch, the icon blurs as if it were going to, then nothing happens.
I watched the system processes while trying to launch it, I didn't see the icon come up, I thought I saw the list 'twitch' a bit a few times, as though something came up then crashed right away before the icon could even display, but that's it.
So it's definitely not even launching.

I'm not super computer savvy, I don't enjoy Linux because I'm some programmer, I like it because it's more functional for a net box, and with the right price tag. So, if there's something obvious I missed, I hope someone will tell me, please. And since I'm not a complete dolt, if someone could give me basic instructions on how to fix it, I should be able to follow them.
I'd really appreciate any help, thanks to anyone who reads this.

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