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Chromebook Skype

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Francesco23 wrote:

There is only a single tiny issue. Nobody uses Google Hangouts (70% of the web population does not even know what the hell is that). Google Hangouts it is another Google failure like Google Buzz or Google+ and Google Glass. Google is a failing specialist.

This is a bit strong. I am in total agreement that a Skype web app is essential if Skype is to remain competitive long term. However, to say that Google is a failing specialist does slightly misrepresent one of the biggest commercial successes in history. Google+ has not taken off in the UK but try India, for example, where it is very popular with a population which tops 1bn.  


One thing I love about the idea of a Chromebook is the fact that Google are giving so much away at no charge to the end user.  Buy a chromebook and get your emails, your social media, your word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, notemaking software  ...etc. all for free! Amazing.

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chromebook is great except that it does not support OpenOffice or Skype.  The physical specs of the machine I have could definitely handle these apps, but the webcentricity limits optimization of these physical resources.  I had a recent business trip in which I tested the limits of the chromebook... definitely couldn't handle the mondo excel spreadsheets my partner emailed me.  ended up grabbing someone else's laptop and using ms-office.  i've thought about just converting my machine to Ubuntu, but I really do like chrome... it's just not quite ready for full-blown business use.  better than an ipad IMHO.  I like the list of Google Fails... it's impressive.  I think their conversion of dark fiber to live internet in Kansas City is probably going to be a big exception to this.  Hoping they'll roll out in my town soon.  Also, I think they may be moving pre-emptively into robotics, buying up companies left and right.  Makes me wish I owned a robotics development firm.

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Chromebook doesnt support Skype since  Skype runs with Internet Explorer.

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it doesnt work your "link doesnt work"

it says 404 NOT FOUND so if u can do something helpfull thx

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I created instructions for a workaround using Digital Ocean and Chrome's VNC App.  This will let you run Skype as well as other desktop (ubuntu) apps on your Chromebook via VNC.  It works really well.  Read here --> Install Skype on a Chromebook

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It would the best thing ever, if we can use skype on this chromebook. Not to be offensive and insult Google, not everyone has a chromebook. Enough people have Skype, and I think they should atleast consider skype becoming an application for this netbook. Not only because it's another way of communicating, because most people use it. Atleast make the IM messaging useful.

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Please be flexible and allow Skype.  I use both Google hangouts and Skype - sometimes you need them both depending on who you are talking to.

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i play computer games with friends and i skype with the computer. i know that the chromebook cant get skype easily. if you have and android or iphone or even windows phone you can download it on thee phone then put it next to your computer. the calll quality is the same just not on the computer.i know this may not help everyone out but if u like to game with friends then this is a quick and easy fix to not having skype on a chromebook. to get games u need ubuntu though but thats another problem

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Yup, that's what I've learned to do.  Until I make my chromebook a dualboot with Ubuntu. :bigsmile:

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Well stop being a Noob use 0365 if you need office. " Web Version of Office" . The specs on the laptop are fine. You can remote desktop to a machine as home and or rent a Vm online and remote into it and do what you need with windows its not a big deal. What they need to do is intergrate java so we can have some more functionality with java we can use Exe's even though its a linus based Os. My vote is for Java support

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