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Chromebook Skype

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Casual Tourist

Ok so I've noticed that a lot of people have been asking about the Chromebook support. I really like my Chromebook and it would be ideal to use the video camera to skype my friends and talk to them while I do homework. I can even just deal with GOOD Skype messaging support by a plugin in the browser or something... I've been using Skype under multiple accounts for quite some time. I really enjoy it. But I'm starting to get discouraged as my only known alternative for Skype is IM+, and it runs a bit slowly... Delayed messages and the sort.

I really don't want to have to use another messaging service. Skype has worked great for me in the past and present.

I'm going to guess I'll never get a real response here as Microsoft's support here seems rather lacking... But I'd really like a yes or no. Thank you in advance.

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Novel Tourist

Dear All,


I wish to know if I can use the Skype account linked with my Microsoft Outlook account via a Google Chromebook. In other words, I wish to sign into my Microsoft Outlook account thru a Chromebook and make video calls.


Is this possible although there is no Skype app for the Chrome OS? Could someone who has a Chromebook please try this out and let me know?


Thank you.


Novel Adventurer

I have the same problem. Why do we not have skype for chrome? It is very important even for the future survival of skype

Novel Tourist

My suggestion is switch to gmail/hangouts until Chromebooks reach some sort of critical mass for Skype to take them seriously.

Novel Tourist

For now at least, Skype is not likely available for Chromebooks and there are good technical reasons for this, in addition to issues of competitiveness. The most important technical rason is that Chromebooks do not operate computer programs -- they are designed for Web-centric use. Skype is a computer program: it is downlloaded and installed. Instead, you install extensions to the Chrome OS and browser and you can install apps.


The competitive reason is clear: Google's version of video chats and messaging is Google Hangouts, which is available on all platforms and devices. It offers some improvements over Skype, principally that one can have video chats with up to 10 people for free (Skype is free for one-on-one video chats, beyond that it charges a premium subscription. 


In sum, until Skype is served up as a full-deployment extention for Chrome, etc. rather than as a program, Chromebooks won't hear of it.

Casual Tourist

I've been using skype just like everyone else, have different accounts etc. But now I love my chromebook (still getting to know each other but it's a start in a new/right direction.

Would an app be possible for chromebook support ? or even just typing-messaging to and in groups on the skype website, whatever. It is causing some difficulties in transitioning to chromebook completely

Also I will investigate chromebook's hangouts -- it's supposed to be rather like but some different bells and whistles than skype.

Please support chromebook. ty 

Novel Tourist

I have used Skype through on a Mac, so I thought I would give a Chromebook a try.  I purchased a Chromebook specifically to try this, but no luck.  Apparently the custom browser extension needed by Skype through is not available for Chrome on ChromeOS.  Too bad.   At the present time (early March 2014) there isn't a way to use Skype in ChrimeOS.

Novel Adventurer

My fix for this problem is to install ubuntu on my chromebook, here is a link on how to do it:[removed for privacy]

 (This first link keeps getting killed so just google ubuntu for chromebook and look for the lifehacker . com website)

Then once you are in ubuntu download and install skype from within ubuntu, the version you will want to select is Ubuntu 12.04 (multiarch). Here's the link: 


This works perfectly and also fixes other limitations of chromebooks such as being able to run a full office application called libre which allow opening and creation of microsoft office documents for free. I hope this helps everyone.

Novel Tourist

I've been aware of ChromeOS and Cromebooks for some time. Recently I decided to test one out for my sales team. While kansaman's suggestion is great and works well it should be pointed out, and it is in the howto, that doing that leaves your Chromebook vulnerable to having data stolen. Because enabeling developer mode also enables root level access to the file system. Meaning anyone with the physical access to your chromebook can get access to anything you have locally stored. 


Alternatively, just use Hangouts. 

Novel Adventurer

There is only a single tiny issue. Nobody uses Google Hangouts (70% of the web population does not even know what the hell is that). Google Hangouts it is another Google failure like Google Buzz or Google+ and Google Glass. Google is a failing specialist.

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