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Can't disable pop-up notification for Incoming Calls

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I have mutltiple monitors and somehow skype is pushing the pop-ups somewhere off-screen, so when there's an incoming call, I have no way to answer it. So I wanted to disable the popup and get a regular window. I go to Options->Notifications, Incoming Call Ringing. The checkbox for "Display pop-up notification" is not clickable ('grayed' out). This occurs on other options, but not all - some do allow the pop-ups to be disabled. What gives? How can I turn this off?

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I am using Linux Mint 13 Maya (based on xbuntu 12.04)  I have the same problem.  The display popup notification button is grayed out (Incoming ringing call) and the popup notification no longer shows up.  There is a pop up notification clickable button for other notifications (eg contacts online and offline). 

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Same problem here with Skype on Linux mint 13 (Maya). Incoming calls can be heard, but cannot be accepted or declined since the pop-up doesn't, well, pop-up. Neither can I uncheck the relevant box in options.

It's disheartening that the last reply dates from April...


Edit: Okay, it seems to be an issue of monitor alignment - at least when you use two monitors.
See here:

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