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Running XUbunutu 13.04 [EDIT - Running 64bit version of linux]



Microphone stops working after some period of time - generally while clicking windows between applications or tabs in firefox - or moving about other programs seems to instigate the issue although it is not specific to any particular application.


Sitting inside a skype call seems to give the longest result without a problem.


To fix while "in call" (i.e. make audio return for alittle while) I go into the Skype > Options > Sound Devices and change any audio settings then apply... then change them back and apply... viola - all fixed until I move the mouse and click another window or three.


I've tried removing pulse audio and just leaving ALSA but this doesn't help at all.


I've also unchecked the let skype change your mixer checkbox with no help.


The microphone/headset in question is a Logitech USB M/N A-00008 (as per the text on the USB plug)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Is anyone else experiencing this?  Can you reproduce your symptoms using the steps above?



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