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Introduction to Skype for Kindle HD

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Great to see you here and using Skype on your Kindle Fire HD. For a start please don't miss out on the getting start article we have prepared for you: How do I use Skype on my Kindle Fire HD


For any more question on the application to be answered by your fellow Skype users please start a new topic here on the community.

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Novel Tourist
Skype has disappeared from my kindle.. can't download it ..
Casual Tourist

I've just bought the kindle fire hd and I am also pc / tablet / android savvy - I have looked in every section and Skype is most definitely not preloaded ..

Skype is not recognized in any of the search bars in the app or help section ..

Through Amazon download apparently my device is not compatible ..

I feel like I am going mad - is the answer out there ?

Novel Tourist

I bought the new Kindle Fire Hd 7" and the amazon app shop, says that there is no compatible ersion for it. What can I do?

Novel Tourist

Am trying to get my pin number help me

Novel Tourist

I downloaded Skype to my new Kindle Fire HD and logged in.  I am unable to see my contacts or the regular screen that I am used to seeing (I would call it my home screen where i can see my contacts on the left hand side and the ability to start a call.  All I see is information for pay services.  I can't get past that?  Is this some type of add that I have to get past?  I do not want to purchase additional services at this time, I just want to use my Kindle to Skype.  Very frustrated.  Please help!

Novel Tourist

i have exactly the same problem and am very confused as i can log in easily but get to a page with no access to contacts or a way to make a skype call. i was looking forward to using it to contact family over xmas. if u find a solution could u let me know. thanks

Casual Adventurer

while skyping on brand new kindle fire HD 8.9 the sound is very low and uncontrolled just recently a got  replacement from Amazon -same issue...

Casual Tourist

I have exactly the same problem on my Kindle fire HD- can't see Skype contacts, so therefore can't Skype!! Can someone out there in Kindle/Skypeland please help????

Novel Tourist

Dear Skype - after much frustration, I have finally given up on using the app available on the Kindle store. It crashes constantly and is incapable of completing a call. The old app worked great - this one simply doesn't work. This is clear from the many comments posted as reviews and on this forum. I love Skype on my laptop, but having it to go on my Kindle HD is also very important. Anything you can do to fix this would be appreciated.



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