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video won't work on kindle fire hd

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Casual Adventurer
i have a 7" kindle fire hd and the video does not work when i make a skype video call. it is like the camera won't turn on. the camera does work in other applications.
Can you help?

thanks Bob.
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Casual Adventurer

Have you made sure video calling is enabled in the Skype settings?

Casual Adventurer
yes. have talked w amazon and done all the troubleshooting they know. still the video won't work. i was wondering if because i also use skype from my computer if this could be the cause.
Casual Adventurer

It seems unlikely that using Skype from another computer would have any effect at all on your Kindle Fire HD.  I use Skype from my PC (a Dell XPS 1645), my Kindle Fire HD 7", and my cell phone (Droid RAZR).  It works well on both my computer and on the Kindle Fire, and I've never had a problem getting the video to work.  I have other issues with the way it works on my phone, and have never tried a video call on my phone.


I noticed a comment in the Amazon app store saying that "[Skype] works well now that it's installed correctly" or something to that effect.  Maybe uninstalling it and reinstalling it would help?


The only other issue I can think of is maybe you have an "interesting" network connection, or maybe you're expecting video when there is a reason why there might not be any (voice call, or call to a normal phone)?  Or maybe you're Kindle/Skype is working fine and the other end of the call is having issues?

Casual Adventurer
done all that. it is an issue with kindle i a think
Casual Adventurer

Have you tried using a camera app to see if the Kindle camera works at all?


And, if this is a Kindle issue, the question is: what can we do for you to help get you better support from Amazon?

Casual Adventurer

I am going to try removing my contacts then reinviting them to see if that fixes the issue.  I wish skype had a way to try the video like they do the audio.  This would help in troubleshooting situations.

Community Manager Emeritus
Can you please check with the contact you are calling as well that they are using the latest Skype version available for their platform?
If you try video calling e.g. with Skype 2.8 for Mac it won't work. While with the latest Skype 6.0 for Mac you would not have any such issues.

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Casual Adventurer

He is using an old version for MAC because he didn't like the newest version the way it handles contacts.

Novel Adventurer

Make sure you have each other added as a Skype contact...resolved it for me

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