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skype video call on Kindle Fire HD

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[Topic title updated by moderator to be more descriptive. Original topic title was: "skype video call"]


dear all


i have a kindle fire hd and i manage to skype to my friends and family. they can see me and hear me and vice versa. but when my family calls me from their samsung smart tv, they can see me and hear me but i only can hear them. not see them. if they skype everyone else through the tv they have no problems. the same way i have no problems using my kindle and skype to other persons. 

even when the skype account in the smart tv is changed i still cant see the person who is calling through it. 

so the problem is between my kindle and that smart tv. i already changed my account video and  camera settings to accept image from everyone who calls me. i did the same on the tv account camera settings.

 Can anyone help me please.


best regards

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