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no video using kindle fire hd

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I purchased the kindle for the same reason. I do not get video with the kindle fire hd. Very disappointing! Will be returning the kindle back to the store. JUNK!!

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Both parties need to add each others Skype contact details to their contact list in the Skype app on both devices, this should enable video on kindle fire hd, hope this helps, worked for us. :-)
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Just to refresh this concern, I, too have same problem with video out from a new Kindle Fire HD 8.9 in a Skype connection. (Video in from other end received into Kindle just fine).


As recommended some where else I deleted the Skype app from the Kindle F HD. and reinstalled from the Amazon App store.  -Still doesn't work.  Since so many of us are having the same problem, I do wish Amazon/Skype tech folks would address this problem. A KINDLE FIRE HD SHOULD BE AN IDEAL PLATFORM FOR SKYPE CALLS -and is a primary reason many of us purchased this KF in the first place.

Any clues or leads out there?

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"Both parties need to add each others Skype contact details to their contact list in the Skype app on both devices, this should enable video on kindle fire hd, hope this helps, worked for us."



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Well, I'm sorry to say that even when both parties have added each other to their respective Contacts lists, this feature still doesn't work. I am an IT professional, and there is no way that I can resolve this.


Just as other posts mention, red line appears through the video icon, and message states that 'video is turned off', so I switch it on, and it promptly switches itself off again. Grrrr!!

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Just received my Fire HD 7 and also noted no video on Skype calls. Audio however worked perfectly. This morning I confirmed another owner's fix via updating my wife's Mac to the latest version of Skype. She had v2.8 but now has v6.1. Video worked perfectly on the very next call. Hope this helps some (or all) of you who are experiencing the same issue.
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I had the same problem. One person on this forum commented that they just updated their skype to the newest version so both parties have the same version. I did that and now it all works fine!
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My little ones don't understand why they can't see me
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To all who are having a problem with skype video!!! You need to download the kindle camera/recorder app. Yes there is a camera on your kindle but you need the second app to get the video on skype to work. I just got my kindle and downloaded it. Skype now works perfectly WITH video calling up and running. Hope this helps :-) good luck everyone.
P.s. you do have to purchase the kindle camera/ video app. It is $0.99
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The only language that Microsoft understands is obviously the legal one. I have posted the same question in another thread. I have to get an answer. I signed up for their "premium account", blew $60 bucks for 12 months and can not place group video calls which is the reason that I signed up for the premioum account. My entire family is in Europe and I got the premium account to be able to place group video calls to my ederly parents and siblings. I think that we should all file complaints with our state AG's office - Consumer protection division, as well as the FCC and FTC. This is a rip off by both Amazon and Mictrosoft. There is absolutely no support by Skype yet they use our money without delivering the service. And Amazon couldf care less. Try to get a refund - it will be impossible since there is no one to speak with! A lawsuit is the only answer to get both Amazon and Skype- Microsoft to stop lying about services that are not available and false advertisements with absolutely no support although they advertise "live chat" support fpor premium members. SHAME ON SKYPE, SHAME ON MICROSOFT, AND AMAZON FOR NOT HELPING WITH ANY OF OUR ISSUES.


CC. A. Bxxxx, Esq.  (my attorney)