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no video using kindle fire hd

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It seems that this is just a forum for customers who purchased the new Kindle Fire HD because it offered free video calls through Skype, to complain that they can not make video calls through Skype. It does not seem as though Amazon or Skype is much interested in involving themselves in this issue.

I purchased two of them for the express purpose of my wife and I being able to video call our daughter who has recently relocated to live with her Air Force enlisted husband in Germany.

It is a pretty large investment and a heart crushing disapointment  to get zero result on this main selling point.
Has anyone gotten a feedback from Amazon or Skype that is of any help?


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Did anyone solve this? I'm having the same problem.
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ok how many people have to write in on this before someone is going to do something about it. I have worked on this for far to many hours. amazon says it's a skype problem . some smart lawyer file a law suit and maybe we can get this solved. hell they have sold about 25000 of these on HSN this week end. how --- did they set up the one on the show?


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My wife just purchased a Fire HD last week. First time using Skype the camera worked fine. However, now the video won't work at all.

I was wondering if there could've been another app she'd installed since that was clashing with Skype but we couldn't find anything. Tried deleting the Skype and re-installing but now it won't even download the app. Hopefully that means they're fixing it.
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Ditto exactly
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Since I last posted with this same issue, my kindle skype video talk is working fine.  The problem it seemed that resolved my issue wasmy recepient downloaded an updated skype version than the one he currently was using. lo and behold we both saw each other and all works fine . hope this helps the rest of you

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Skype doesn't' allow me to use video call. What do I do? Thanks
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I have tried to use skype but with video calling-no picture appears-have spen well over 2 hours on amazon help and still can't get skype to work-can anyone help?

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Make sure you have each other added to your Skype contacts and it should resolve the problem
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I'm having the same issue on my Kindle Fire HD
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