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contacts picture is upside down

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Novel Tourist

I've had this happen to two different contacts.  My picture is a-ok but my contacts picture is upside down.  One contact was using just a tablet to my kindle fire hd, the other contact is also using a kindle hdx and their picture is upside down, now if they turn their unit upside down then I see it a-ok.  Any ideas how to fix this?  I also have contacts using PC's and everything is a-ok.

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I have similar Kindle HDX problem. Kindle Fire HD to Kindle Fire HD works good, no problems on SKYPE. But my newer HDX Kindle is seen up side down to the distant viewer on the Kindle Fire HD. My view on the new HDX unit is correct. I am only seen reversed to another Kindle. I also find that I have no problem Kindle HDX to a PC. I have correct picture at both locations. I called Amazon with the help button, but they had no answer to correct this problem. I am not able to just roll my tablet physically because the Kindle knows it is now turned upside down and it rolls the picture upside down again to correct what I did. So at this point, I might not use my newest Kindle for SKYPE.

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Novel Adventurer

Exactly the same here.


When I flip my KFHDX, it's OK, but when I have it camera at the top of the screen, I'm upside down!

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Novel Tourist

Same proble, just purchased my wife a KDHDX to we can Skype when I am travelling. Her image on my older KFHDX is upside down. It works great if she puts the camera at the bottom. Not an ideal solution but a work arround!!

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Casual Tourist

Same problem as all the others. Is there some reason that Skype does not respond to problems? Has anyone found a solution that has not been posted? This is not a Kindle HDX problem, it is Skype.

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Casual Adventurer

My Picture is upside down on my Android Tablet,please Help!

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