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The new kindle fire had won't load skype contacts

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Casual Tourist
Help I cannot get skype to load on my kindle fire had. I log in and it will only show manage my features and profile but will not show anywhere to add contacts or to make a video call. Please help thank you!
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Novel Tourist

When you launch the Skype App on your Kindle Fire HD tap on the contacts. If you look in the upper right hand corner you will see your search or magnifying icon and to the right of the you will see three dimly lit little blocks. Tap on those three little blocks that are stacked on top of each other. A drop down menu gives you the options of Add Contacts, Save Number, Search Address Book and Sort by Name.


Hope that helps

Casual Tourist
Thanks. I'm new to these tablet things and I was getting really annoyed as I also could not figure out how to get the contacts onto my Kindle Fire.
Casual Tourist

Do you add Contacts by the Skype user name or by the actual name?  Thanks

Novel Tourist

Hi I'm having the same problems with skype, can't find a way to add contacts, these dimly lit blocks you mentioned are nowhere on my screen..... 

Casual Adventurer

when i tap on those 3 little stacked dots there is NO ADD CONTACTS, only HELP, SETTINGS & SIGN OUT  so now what?


they use to be there, why aren't they any longer?



also my husband accidentally created another contact name for himself but never uses it, how do we delete it?


can't seem to get any answers from any source!!

Novel Tourist

I am having the same problem!

Casual Tourist

I was reading a few comments about not getting skype to work on kindle hd/fire, as i had the same problem, but no more, its all working great now, what i was doing wrong was going through the web, then tried to download skype that way and yes it wouldnt show contacts, but then i banged my head and decided to go to the app store, then typed skype and when it came up  you just haveto do it press download, this is free, wait until its downloaded and your all done, so everytime you want to skype go through your apps each time, im not that good with laptops, kindles etc but iworked it out, good luck xx


Casual Tourist

It didn't help ME though. My skype was working this morning; video skype with a friend in India. This afternoon a friend dumped me from Australia. Was broken up then locked up, haven't been able to download skype completely.


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