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Sound not working after Kindle Fire HD update.

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Casual Adventurer

Skype 2.x on the Kindle Fire HD was great.  A little buggy, but it worked very well overall.


I just received an involunatry update of Skype, to version 3.x, and now the app has a host of problems, the worst of which is that the sound during calls is too soft to be useable.


This applies to both the sound on both ends of the call.  I can barely hear the people I am calling, and they can barely hear me.


The application is now unuseable.

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Novel Tourist

I am also having the same problem.  Ever since the new upgrade a couple days ago, my Kindle SKYPE volume is very soft and the adjustment doesn't seem to work at all.  It was just fine with the old version and the volume works just fine in all other parts of my Kindle, so it doesn't seem to be on the Kindle side.  The problem only started when the SKYPE update went in.  Is there something I can do to make the volume adjustment work in this new version of SKYPE?

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The same here, after performing the update on my tablet, I can only hear the sound with the earphones.

Therefore I have advised to all my contact NOT to perform this update.

I think it is time that Skype do something about this problem



Novel Tourist

Same problem --- barely audible voice from Skype --- all non-Skype sound is fine. 

Novel Adventurer

Had the same problem when update occurred abroad and at the time was not sure of the reason. All other application volumes were fine.


Having seen forum discussions on video issues which were addressed by deleting old version and reinstalling new version of skype I contacted Amazon. Have now resolved the problem by deleting the updated version and downloading the skype old version, from cloud.

Casual Adventurer

It looks like removing the Skype app from the device and then reinstalling it from the cloud may have resolved the problem for me.  I'll keep everyone posted...

Novel Adventurer

Ok this is good news, you mention cloud ?? were can I found this older version of skype in the cloud ?


Thanks for your response

Novel Adventurer

For aibcje

1. To delete the app, hold your finger down on the skype icon until it comes up with various options, then click on "remove from device"

2. Click on "Apps" at the top of the main front screen.

3. Now at the top of the screen you will see a button marked "Cloud" and "Device", press the "Cloud" icon and you should get to a page load of icons, with ticks in the corner.

4. Scroll through until you see the skype icon and click on it.

5. Now register with your old user name and password and you should be back up and running with the preinstalled version of skype.

Novel Adventurer

to IanD

Thanks, but I don't see what you are writing.

I am using a Medion tablet and don't see the Cloud icon.

Can this previous version not be downloaded




Novel Adventurer
I had assumed you had a Kindle Fire HD. What I would suggest is to see if Medion has a cloud system (This I doubt). After this look at your ISP and see if they have a cloud system and see if by chance it automatically saves your documents and programs to that cloud and if so upload from here (Again I doubt that you have an old copy here). Your last chance is to go back to Skype and see if they have a previous version of Skype for your android/Tablet.
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