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Sound not working after Kindle Fire HD update.

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Casual Adventurer

hi Nobele, did you get the skype app from amazon? and do you know what version of skype it is?

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Casual Adventurer

hi Nobele thank you for that information i will give it a try,i dont suppose you have any ideas as to download net flix,got the app from amazon but the kindle won't let me install it

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Casual Adventurer

I have delited Skype apps from my device and clouds and downloaded from Amazon...cant explain why but now skype is working

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Novel Tourist

i tried that! Same thing! No sound!


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Novel Tourist

I think I've found the solution.


Use the volume buttons on the side of the device, not the volume control drop down on the screen. I always assumed they did the same thing, but the buttons on the side seem to control the volume within Skype, but the on-screen slider doesn't do anything.

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Novel Tourist

Thank you. Using the volume control on the side of the Kindle is the only thing that worked for me.

Thanks again!

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Novel Adventurer

In my Kindle HD, look different from waht you describe, I have just volume control in the back of tablet, and this is ok . I can rear  the Eccho/Sound test, but I am not able to rear me,. I do not have other volume control in the screen. 


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Routine Adventurer
There are two Skype apps on the Amazon AppStore. Use "Skype" and not "Skype (Android Edition)" on Fire OS. Description of the each app mentions compatibility. Skype version has no volume issues if you are on latest 5.4R.
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