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Skype on Kindle Fire HD

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I bought premium subscription when I realized there is now a "Skype for Kindle Fire HD,"


I was an already existing customer and I can see when I log in on Windows that this subscription is recognized. However it is not recognized on Kindle Fire. How do I get this corrected?

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im having same problem. cant get group calls on fire with premium. i cant see video but can here their voices.  video works if 1 person talking to me.

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What is the problem can't connect my Kindle Fire HD to Skype?

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Same problem. Any solutions? Also how to delete unwanted contact?

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Can't connect to skype either.
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I have a kindle fire HD it reconize my laptop computer I paid for time on this kindle.
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I can see the people I am talking to but they can't see me....any ideas I don't know how to acsess the camera
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I am having the same problem...did you find out an answer?
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i recently purchased a Kindle Fire H.D.  i opened skype on it and it requires me to have an account i filled this out on my kindle. then it says no skype credit so i opened a credit on line and them could not find the credit on my kindle. how do i get my kindle recognized by the skype account?

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Novel Adventurer

We just bought a Kindle Fire HD.  One of the big reasons for the purchase was the Skype Video capability!!  However, when can't do any video!!  It will only do voice calls!!!!  What is the solution to this problem???

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