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Skype for Kindle Fire?

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Novel Adventurer

I have it on mine - I think I downloaded the app for the Kindle Tablet - doesn't work with the video in the UK as we are not on 4G which is a disappointment and it also doesn't seem to like headphones. Other than that it works well.

Novel Tourist

Can I download to my kindle fire, will it work in the same way as on my PC

Casual Tourist
I too have the kindle fire HD. I can sign into Skype but that's it. I see my profile picture but nothing else. can someone walk me thru this.
Casual Tourist
My Kindle Fire is rooted (already done for other reasons) & skype is successfully loaded, however calls always fail. Looking at dmesg (a std linux capability which gives hardware debug info) shows the following:

<6>[39854.800964] aic31xx_startup: Entered session check
<6>[39854.806060] Another Audio Session in Progress. Cannot start second one..
<3>[39854.813171] asoc: can't set codec tlv320aic3110-MM_EXT hw params
<3>[39854.819488] tlv320aic3110 Media: omap_abe_dai_hw_params: backend hw_params failed -16
<3>[39854.828247] asoc: interface MultiMedia2 hw params failed

Anyone in skype technical support able to use this info to help implement a fix for the Kindle Fire or is this a hard limitation of the hardware that has no work-around ??

Novel Adventurer

Just purchased a Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and not having any success on connecting to Skype although I already have an account.  Any suggestions?

Novel Adventurer
Yes you can
Novel Tourist
It's because you don't have A camera on the kindle file - therefore no video calling capability.
To get the camera you need the fire HD
Have you tried to make just voice calls to see if it works ? (Even though you may as well just use your smart phone with there being no video capability on the HD!!)
Novel Adventurer

Where do I go to get a camera for the HD?

Novel Tourist
Tried to get VM to work on Kindle Fire. The play button would not light up. Overall the Skype App for Kindle Fire seems poorly designed.
Novel Tourist

Amazon use to show the Skype icon on their Kindle fire page, funnily it got removed after I'd bought to kindle fires for my daughters as gifts.  Now I find myself half way across the world with two frustrated little girls back home unable to chat with Daddy as they wanted.  Very bad show Amazon, and really skype what is so wrong with giving us access?

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