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Skype for Kindle Fire?

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Will Skype work on a Kindle Fire?

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It appears a root will allow you to get the benefits from skype on the kindle fire, here is the type of headset needed:


[invalid URL]   search for exmple if link gets stripped


(I would not recommend rooting this device unless this is something you would like to spend a measure of time on) Rooting or jailbreaking has benefits but it also has its downsides. The main issue is the lack of support and time investment required.


Since you are forging into new territory, support generally consists of you having to dig and hit the forums to solve problems,  if you have the time and energy for it, have at it.


[invalid URL] search for article and video for root if link gets stripped

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Will Skype work on my kindle fire
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you can although video chatting from your end would not work out of the box and Skype will not work with an external mic on the Kindle Fire 


liliput has a great article on this

[if the link is removed google "kindle fire sideload"]


basically you need to enable unknown sources

then aquire an apk of either another appstore (like GetJar, SlideME, etc) or Skype [disclaimer: I am not responsible and doing this may break terms of use, EULAs and could get you arrested for piracy depending on what exactly you do *]

(in the case of the Android Play Market you need to root before [just follow that article])
place that apk on the kndle fire
navigate to the that location using a file explorer
open it and install

* I put the disclaimer there because any paid application's apk would be piracy, and I believe doing so with many apps may be against their EULA and Terms of Use

by performing any actions any above you claim full responsibility and liability for anything that may happen by doing so

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Very upset that Skype is not available for the Kindle Fire in the UK - I hope they will rectify this soon as it is exactly what I need and one of the reasons I decided on the Kindle Fire over other tablets!

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Hi, I have just bought a Kindle Fire and Skype came preloaded.  I have signed in, seen my other skype contacts. Clicked on make video call and nothing happens.  What do I need to do now?  I get the page that shows me Contacts, Recent, Call Phones, Profile, and the bar to 'tell friends what you are thinking'.  Where is the 'make a video call' option?  if i go into my kindle contacts i can see names of other i have skyped from my PC, and the 'video call xxx' is available but choosing this option  takes me back to the blue previous page.

Any help would be appreciated.  Not sure what to do next.

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ughh it wont work for me, how do i get it to work on my kindle fire?!?!

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I am very disappointed that I can not get Skype on my new Kindle Fire, let's hope they make it happen soon.
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I can log in but nothing shows up as far as contacts
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ah i cant get skype on my kindle fire theu need to do somethink about this and soon :@
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