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Skype for Kindle Fire?

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Casual Adventurer

Hi hope someone can help, I sideloaded Skype to my kindle fire and installed it, however, it just keeps saying 'signing in' and nothing else happens. I only want voice calls, so the video is immaterial. If some kind soul could give me some advice I would be very grateful.

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Casual Tourist
Why can't I dowload skype on my kindle fire hd?
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Novel Tourist

I can log into my account, but no contacts to make my calls.


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Casual Adventurer

i cannot see my contact list and have no sound

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Novel Tourist

i just purchased a kindle fire hd, and it won't allow me to use my current user name that i have on my current account. thanks in advance for your help.

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Casual Tourist

I have exactly the same problem where it pre-empts my user name to something similar and try as I might it will not accept my username . Help would be appreciated.

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Novel Adventurer

Downloaded the Skype for Kindle app. It works no problem on my Kindle Fire HD

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Casual Tourist

I am not sure as I am having probs

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Novel Tourist
Well it will not work on my new kindle fire HD. Very disappointing. There is no icon on the kindle for skype. The Kindle helpline could not help.
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