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New Kindle Fire HDX

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Novel Tourist

I have the same problem with the received image being upside down. Have exhausted all avenues working with Amazon. Tried to get help online from Skype, but they were impossible to work with. I couldn't understand them, and visa versa. I believe their tech support must be off shore. For some inexplicable reason, they wouldn't just let me skype them so they could see the problem for themselves. Frustrating indeed. I will say that AMAZON tried really hard to diagnose it themselves, but everything points back to a skype problem. Guess I will use my Windows 8 to Skype until issue is resolved someday.

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Casual Tourist

Did you get this problem fixed 

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I just got a kindle fire hd and I can't get my credit card to work and it says I am 80% complete and everytime I try to a complete it it won't do it, how do I correct this problem? Very frustrating

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Novel Tourist

Having the same problem. Is there a solution? Does MS pay any attention to these problems?

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Novel Adventurer

Has anyone found a solution to the video chat audio lagging behind?  I just bought one and have same issue!  Thank you!

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Well I have the same issue. Just got my Kindle fire three days ago and Skype is basically useless with a 3 second lag between voice and video. Is anyone addressing this? 


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Novel Adventurer

BUMP - still having the upside down video issue. Does any Skype staff ever pay attention to any of these posts??! :mad:

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Novel Tourist

I have kIndle fire HDX 7".   Out of the box, Skype has been fabulous, perfect.  Just installed latest update, 5.1.  Now, I can hear my friend, they can't hear me.   Sound test failed MANY times.  Can't see how to configure correctly on kindle version.  Chatted with Amazon Mayday, they can hear me, can't find anything wrong with kindle.  Tried Force Stop.  Help!

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