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Kindle Fire HDX - Video call - delay of speech

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Casual Tourist

the sound is there but the lips movement is delay - approx 3-4 seconds

Any idea?

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Casual Tourist
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Casual Tourist

I seem to be getting this every time I use Skype too. It's really annoying.

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Novel Tourist

I have the same problem

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Novel Adventurer

And me - very annoying. It didn't happen with Kindle HD, just HDX.

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Novel Adventurer

I just bought a kindle fire hdx for my mum to skype when I'm away and having the same problem. I haven't found a solution so I'm returning the kindle. 

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Novel Adventurer

Amazon updated my HDX so now it's even better - Skype also updated so I now have no problem with sound and vision being out of sync - after all this time but thanks Amazon and Skype.


Hope everyone on here now has their problem with this resoloved.


Merry Christmas

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Hi....I have the speach delay on my HDX.  How do I get Amazon to update it and Skype to update?



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